All in Ones: There is One for Every Need

All in Ones: There is One for Every Need

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In case you are planning to buy an All-in-One PC, but are wondering whether it will be worth it, you would be pleased to know there are several benefits of owning one. All in Ones are designed to bring convenience and performance at every price point.

In fact, gone are the days when you had limited choices in All in Ones. Today, manufacturers like HP offer a plethora of options to choose from at various budgets, be it screen size or type, processor, RAM, or HDD. Let’s have a look at what to expect in different price segments.

Affordable All in Ones: More than Basic Performance

The affordable, under 30k, PCs are good for basic productivity. If you are planning to buy a desktop for your kids, a budget All in One would be perfect. It will save the space to keep books and other essentials in the same space. The budget all in one can easily handle applications such as MS Office.

If you go beyond 30k, then you can expect to get a machine meant for more than basic computing needs. Whether it’s to browse the Internet or perform day-to-day tasks, All in Ones will handle it all without compromising on the performance.

The affordable range of All in Ones is available in screen sizes from 18 to 22-inches, supporting a resolution of HD to FHD (1920x1080p).

Mid-Range All in Ones: Efficient performance

If you’re looking beyond basic computing tasks, then this is the price bracket to search in. At this budget, you will get an All in One with more powerful configuration.

If you are a professional, then this is the category you should consider. Products in this price category have been designed specifically keeping the needs of business users in mind. The HP 200 Pro G4 for instance, costs less than 60k and is equipped with many business features, Military Grade (Mil) Specs and many security features.

The mid-range devices can handle basic graphics applications. You can edit videos, work on documents and create different types of content. Moreover, you can do multitasking with ease.

Premium All in Ones: Intensive performance

If you need premium computing power, and your work involves using software suites such as Adobe, AutoCAD, or any design software, then you need to increase your budget. The price for premium All in Ones can go anywhere from 60k to 3 Lakh and more, depending on your computing needs.

In this budget, expect to get Intel Core i7 CPU, 16 GB RAM, dedicated graphics and VRAM, and even an SSD+HDD combo. These devices are capable of handling graphics-intensive tasks. So whether you are a developer, designer, rich media content creator, or architect, this is the price bracket you need to consider. It will suffice your computing needs as well as offer you some great features including automatic threat detection and system recovery.

If you choose an All in One like the HP EliteOne 1000 G1, you can not only configure it as per your requirements but even upgrade its base and display.

So there you have it. There’s an All in One PC available at every budget, and it offers both performance and convenience in a single device.

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