Here’s Why AIO Desktops are a Better Choice over Custom PCs

Here’s Why AIO Desktops are a Better Choice over Custom PCs

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When it involves buying a brand-new computer, your mind may jump to the typical tower-style setup, or maybe you fantasize about assembling your own or even buying an assembled one from the local market. While assembled systems might give you a slight cost advantage, they have their own drawbacks. A better alternative to these assembled tower models is AiO PCs.

AiO PCs bring an entire set of advantages you simply don’t get with regular tower models. If you’re in the marketplace for a new desktop, you should include AiOs in your search. They are intended to strike a balance between practicality and form factor. Various models in the market fulfill numerous types of user requirements and are a breeze to line up. Even consumers with limited computer literacy will go from unpackaging to using them in minutes. Let’s dig deeper into this topic.

Why Not Custom Desktop PCs?

There are numerous issues with assembled desktop PC, which become a nuisance at a later stage. Here are some:

Unoptimized Components Lead to Performance Issues

This is a widespread affair faced by many custom PC owners. A locally assembled PC will use components that are simply picked up from the shelf and put inside a box. Though all components are based on industry standards, they still need to be optimized when assembled together. This unfortunately does not happen, which can lead to performance issues as there would be driver incompatibilities, overheating, etc. You will keep running back to the local assembler to fix the issue, which will not work because the problem is not in the hardware as such, but the individual components have not been tested to work together.


This can happen not only due to unoptimized components but also to bad ventilation designs. This results in poor air circulation within the system. So you might have powerful components insight the PC, but if ventilation is bad, they will start to overheat, which in turn will decrease their performance. Not only that but overheating also reduces the life of the components.

Unappealing Aesthetics

This is a no-brainer. Nowadays, most people would like to keep a fancy-looking device on their table that enhances the looks of the room. Desktop PCs, especially assembled ones aren’t exactly known for their aesthetics. They consume a lot of space, have a lot of wires protruding from behind, and have a plain rectangular shape. So if you have a small study table, then there’s not much space left to keep anything on it once the PC has been settled there.

Service & Warranty

These are extremely important for both organizations and individual users. If it’s a locally assembled desktop, you’re purely dependent on the one person you purchased it from for any kind of service. Whereas, if you buy a branded machine, then you have an entire organization with qualified technicians to back you up. Moreover, you can keep extending the warranty by paying a certain annual maintenance charge to keep your PC fit and healthy.

How AiO Desktops Overcome the Shortcoming of Custom PC

AiO PCs are, in a way, a laptop for your desk, minus the battery. They’re self-contained units in a very sleek, slim package. Here are some pointers to assist you in choosing the right one.

Perfect for Tight Office Spaces

As all the components of AIO PCs are fixed into the monitor, it becomes a slim, minimalistic, and less space-consuming computation device. Such desktops are as powerful as conventional desktops and a perfect fit for Hybrid environments and tight office spaces. Due to the minimalist approach, only one visible wire is there, which enriches the look as there’s no clutter of wires.

Well Ventilated for Optimum Performance

As AiO devices are developed, manufactured, and tested by reliable OEM brands, the ventilation design and airflow are adequately maintained. With proper ventilation, they don’t overheat, thereby giving you optimum performance. It also leads to a longer life span for the device.

Superior Customer Support and Warranty

AiO desktops are manufactured by renowned OEM brands only, like HP. So, buyers get a proper product warranty, on-site & remote technical assistance, and service centers. In case of a malfunction, or requirement for upgradation, the OEM customer services can prove to be time & money savers.

Simple to Setup and Use

No extensive knowledge is needed to set up an AiO PC. If you are on a tight budget, then check out the HP All-in-One 24-ck0660in All-in-One PC, which is an aesthetically pleasing device for anyone, including those who’re not ardent computer users.

Clutter Free due to Wireless Connectivity

As many AiO PCs come with a wireless keyboard and mouse combo, there’s no clutter of wires on your table. In fact, nowadays, a lot of AiO PCs also come with touchscreens, which makes them even more convenient to use than regular desktops.

One for Every Need

You’ll find the number of AiO PCs has increased, meaning there’s one for just about every need. For instance, they come in various screen sizes so you can choose a really big one if required. The HP Pavilion 31.5 All-in-One Desktop PC 32-b0590 for instance comes with a really big 31.5-inch QHD (2560 x 1440) screen that supports 350 nits brightness.

They’re also available for students, like the HP All-in-One 24-ck0550in All-in-One PC, which is excellent for hostels or employees staying in other cities.

Energy Efficient

AiO desktops are much more energy efficient than conventional desktops. This can be a driving factor for businesses and office setups, which is why it’s a greener solution for society.


Though it comes all the way down to personal choice at the end of the day, it is worth shopping for an AiO PC. These machines facilitate decluttering, look great, are not difficult to move, and can perform any tasks that a custom desktop can do without being oversized, bulky, and power intensive.

Check out the HP Store for the latest price, configurations, and best deals on AiO computers.


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