How an OEM desktop is Better than Custom-built Desktops

How an OEM desktop is Better than Custom-built Desktops

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When buying a new PC, it’s important to choose one that’s congruent with the way you intend to use it. There are numerous viewpoints and different perspectives when it comes to choosing; while there is an array of options available, you, by and large, have three choices:

  • You can purchase a PC that’s already been constructed: Pre-built PCs are entire systems prepared by well-known manufacturers in the PC space using balanced and dependable hardware configurations. These are normally in stock in nearby shops and are designed to be ready to use right out of the box.
  • You can have other people construct it for you: Another choice is ordering your setup from a custom PC building company. You choose the features and components you need and depend upon a group of certified specialists to construct a PC to your requirements and deliver it to you.
  • You can construct it yourself: Lastly, you could attain the individual components and put together the system at home.

While building your PC may be a Fascinating undertaking, it isn’t for everyone.

A lot of individuals simply need a gadget that works without any add-on steps. Pre-built desktop manufacturers hold a trump card in such scenarios. Even though most customers aren’t acquainted with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) products, they are gaining marketability with time.

Major laptop manufacturers like HP, OMEN, etc., also target pre-built desktops for those who don’t have time to buy parts or those who simply don’t need to hit benchmarks. Many people just need a cut-rate desktop computer that can surf the Internet or do word processing.

Thus, instead of waiting for deals and offers on parts or for everything from different vendors to finally arrive, you can get a cheap pre-built PC from one place and use it right out of the box. These budget PCs generally come in various configurations and price ranges, so you can get closer to what you want.


When it comes to pre-build setups, there are a few pros that are hard to ignore:

Easy and Readily available Setup

The one main advantage of a pre-built PC is that it is ready to play when you receive it. The usability of a pre-built PC is far better than a custom PC, whether it is pre-built for gaming or one designed for work. It comes with the hardware installed and thoroughly checked for compatibility; Windows comes installed and ready to run, and it will even have some essential applications already loaded for you.

Even after becoming operational, you can be sure that your PC will be up and running and in good condition for many years to come. The parts are extensively tested to work well together for supreme performance and reliability.

However, with a custom PC, you might be able to squeeze a little more performance out of your components, but they’re never that easy to configure.


More often than not, pre-built desktop PCs that you buy come with a warranty; hence if the hardware inside is faulty, you can send everything back and don’t have to worry about detecting the problem yourself. This offers peace of mind for those who have no interest in mucking around with their PC. Check out the HP All-in-One 24-cb0123in All-in-One PC, which comes with a 1-year warranty out of the box and a 2-years extended warranty that covers all the components and labor.

On-hand Technical aid

There are a lot of reputable resources online when it comes to getting help with your PC. Still, a manufacturer’s dedicated practical assistance can mean the difference between an incorrect diagnosis and getting the device back to work.

Of course, if there’s a hardware issue, you are to be expected without a PC while it gets fixed, but just about any other case you have can be resolved with the help of a support agent, often in as little as minutes.

If the thought of tinkering with the world of PC troubleshooting makes you want to curl up, then the support that comes with a pre-built one could be a determining factor.

Optimized & Powerful

OEM desktops are tested and designed by industry experts who possess years of experience. The manufacturers also do stress tests, drop tests, military-grade tests, overclocking, etc., to point out if any problem persists. This way, they came up with the most optimized system designs, which are not only 100% compatible but work at 100% capability when combined together.

So in a pre-build OEM desktop, you do not have to worry about bottlenecking or overheating issues, unlike custom desktops. Check out the HP Pavilion 31.5 All-in-One Desktop PC 32-b0590in that comes with 12th gen Intel Core i7 12700T, 16 GB RAM, Intel UHD 770, and 1 TB M.2 SSD. This device has an extra M.2 SSD slot, supports RAM degradation, and features Wifi 6 & Bluetooth 5 combo. This PC is meant for every home and remote employee’s desktop, as it features a pop-up 5MP 1080P Webcam, Wireless Charging Pad on the Monitor Stand, and 4 in-built speakers with two woofers for home-theatre level audio quality. With the universal remote out of the box, you can turn your PC into a TV or into a gaming machine. Such features are not available with any custom desktops, and building one in the given price range as per the current market is impossible.

Compact & Ergonomic

One factor that often gets overlooked when it comes to building your own is how much space it can take up. You’ll need a desk to build it, a place for tools, and to store any crates that each component comes in, which you may want to save for a long time afterward, in case you need to consult manuals or send something back.

OEM PCs, on the other hand, come in a box, well packed and secured, with a small accessory box. That’s all. Once you get rid of the cardboard box, all you have to worry about is the desktop PC itself.

The pre-built PCs are designed in various shapes and sizes, targeting their consumer types. So, if you are running your home office within a meager space, then a small form factor setup is the best choice for you. Offices like Call center, Customer Service where lots of people work relatively in a smaller space, there not much room available on tables for huge custom desktop setup, neither do they need the sheer power. So, a pre-built AIO PC would not only save space but also complement the interior design aesthetically.


The price of any commodity is an essential factor, especially if you are on a budget. In the past, custom PCs were cheaper than pre-built ones. Between pre-built, custom, and DIY, there isn’t a distinctly “cheaper” option.

For example, you can check out the HP All-in-One 27-cb1456in All-in-One PC, which is powered by Intel Core i5-1235U, Intel Iris-X GPU, and 8 GB RAM. It features dual storage (256 GB M.2 SSD with a 1 TB HDD), a 27-inch 1080p FHD display, and runs on Windows 11. The price tag is Rs.65,000, and It is built for typical consumers with home, basic office, browsing needs, and academic needs. To build that desktop yourself in 2022, According to the current market scenario under this budget with pristine and safe hardware, is not really practical.

However, apart from this, it’s best to look out for discounts online and in retail stores, especially during rush sales like Diwali or New Year. Discounts vary by retailer, but by being watchful for these discounts, you can ascertain that you’re getting the system you want at a great price.


When you pay for a pre-built PC, you are paying for more than the sum of its components. You are investing for warranty, support, and peace of mind knowing your system has been professionally assembled and tested and will work right out of the box. These are some of the things highly valued when it comes to pre-build PCs.

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