Why AiO PCs Are a Good Choice for Households

Why AiO PCs Are a Good Choice for Households

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All-in-one PCs (Often referred to as AiOs) are becoming more popular than ever in our everyday computation. Initially, AIO PCs were a good choice for small offices to save up space, but they have now become a popular choice for homes also. If you want to buy a PC for home usage then you should look at the pros & cons of AIO PCs over traditional desktops. If you want to use it for education, browsing, streaming, infotainment, shopping, and basic office work, then AiO PCs are actually a good choice due to many reasons. Read on to know how an AiO PC can be a great addition to your home.

Aesthetic Interior Decoration

AiO PCs don’t have many wires apart from the power cable, which gives them a clean look. Especially if the room is furnished with interior decoration, then having a chunky box on the table with lots of cables hanging around does not match the theme. In such cases, AiO is a good-looking alternative that comes with all the pros and capabilities of a typical desktop. AiOs are designed to be a bit more aesthetically pleasing in color and finish than most traditional desktop computers.

Space Saving

In apartments, rooms are usually smaller. In such space, utilizing each square foot counts. Typical desktops take up a lot of space, unlike AiO PCs. On the other hand, typical study rooms and work-from-home setups are made up of smaller spaces, where setting up AiO PCs is practically a better solution.

If you are looking for a PC for a small business then you can check out the HP All-in-One Desktop PC 27-cb1345in under a tight budget. Powered by the 12th Gen Intel Core i3 CPU, Intel UHD GPU, and 8 GB RAM, it’s a space-saving but powerful system for business operations.

Easy to Use

Unlike custom desktop PCs, AIO PCs come from trusted OEMs like HP in a ready-to-use condition. All you have to do is unbox, plug in and start the system. This is why people with little know-how about computers can buy and use an AiO PC without any professional help. For the same reason, AiO PC is a good option for kids and elderly people.

Easier to Move

Even at home we often keep moving our furniture setups here and there to optimize the space we have. Moving a desktop is harder due to lots of wires, availability of enough power outlets, and size. On the other hand, AIO PCs come with a single power cable and no extra wires or heavy box enclosures with them. This is why you can move the system anywhere anytime without anyone’s help.

Bigger Display

Many people choose laptops for home usage where they lack the pros of a bigger display. We all feel that watching movies, multitasking with multiple tabs & apps, and playing games, become more enjoyable with bigger displays. AiO PCs come with bigger displays than any laptops, and the display can be as big as 27+ inches.

If you want to opt for an AiO PC with a large display and love playing games then you can consider the HP ENVY All-in-One Desktop PC 34-c1686in. It comes with a 34-inch WUHD (5120 x 2160) 500 NiTS display and is powered by an Intel Core i7 CPU and Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 GPU. This motherboard comes with Intel H670 chipsets, which support DDR5 4800 MHz RAM and Gen 4 SSD storage.

Saves Power

On AIO desktops are designed for concise fit and assembled in one enclosed unit. Due to that fact, AiOs consume way less power than any conventional desktop. So, you will get the processing power and look & feel of a desktop while using the same electricity as a laptop. This is why AiO PCs are economically more viable if you are using them for office or business purposes.

Lower Maintenance

AiO PC components are enclosed within the box behind the monitor. So, there is a very slim chance of dust accumulating inside. So, keeping your all-in-one dust-free is easy as it sits on your desk. It has fewer ports and openings, so it’s easy to clean and care for. Unlike typical desktops, AiOs don’t feature a lot of loud fans so they are quieter as well.

Some Good AiO PCs for Home

For basic home requirements, the HP Pavilion 27-ca1234in All-in-One Desktop PC would be a great option. It comes with a price tag of 79K INR and is powered by a 12th Gen Intel Core i5 CPU. For speed, it has 256 GB M.2 SSD while for more storage it features a 1 TB HDD which can be upgraded up to 2 TB.

But for professionals, I would recommend going for the HP Pavilion All-in-One Desktop PC 27-ca1142in. It’s powered by Intel Core i7, 16 GB RAM, and 1 TB NVMe M.2 SSD, and also features a 27-inch FHD touch display. With the price tag of 130K INR, it’s a beautiful addition to any work-from-home setup.

If you are an enthusiast user and want the processing power of a custom desktop then opt for the HP ENVY All-in-One Desktop PC 34-c1786in. It’s a costly device but probably the most powerful AiO in the market by 2022. Powered by the 12th Gen Intel Core i9, RTX 3060, and 16 GB DDR5 RAM, this is a device for enthusiast gamers, data professionals, and digital artists. The 34-inch WUHD display is perfect for enjoying 4K movies at home.

Visit the HP Online Store to learn more about the latest All-in-One PCs and the best deals.
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