8 Reasons to Buy Your Next Laptop Directly from the OEM

8 Reasons to Buy Your Next Laptop Directly from the OEM

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Buying a PC is always challenging, considering the return on investment. Today, besides offline stores, there are countless online e-commerce sites from where you can buy them from. Nowadays, many OEMs have also started selling their products directly from their websites. Here are 8 reasons why you should consider buying your next laptop directly from the OEM.

Extended Warranty Service

Typically, most laptops come with a one-year warranty when you buy them from retailers or online stores. But if you buy the same device from the OEM, then you might get one or two years of extended warranty for free. The answer to this is simple, OEMs have more control over the schemes that they can offer on their products, which they can roll out much faster. Having extended warranty services is always a pro point regarding reliability and peace of mind.

On-Site Service & Remote Assistance

A professional user doesn’t have enough time to deal with system malfunction personally. This is why OEMs provide all customers with on-site warranty and remote tech assistance. On the other hand, you will have to register your product before you get any after-sales services if you buy from third-party retailers. If you want to ensure out-of-box warranty, tech assistance, and after-sales service, then OEM is always more trustworthy.

You Can Get a Better Deal

Third-party retailers sell through various mediums, so the price might differ on different platforms. But OEMs always offer the lowest price without any extra hidden charges. If you are buying in bulk for your business, then you can reach customer services and place your requirement to get a customized deal. This way, you can ensure better business-grade services and a more affordable deal.

Brand Assurance

Buying from the OEM ensures you get exactly what was mentioned in the description. Once you get your hands on the device, there is a slim chance that you will have to crosscheck each internal component. So, getting an affordable deal with assurance from the OEM brand is always better than a lucrative deal with doubts about the components from other channels.

It is easier to Browse and Compare

On an eCommerce website, you might get options from multiple brands under one roof, but it becomes impossible to understand the generation and series of the product. Before buying a laptop, everyone loves to compare the device against other options. This way, you not only clearly understand what you need, but also you get a better deal. OEM websites list their products segment-wise and generation wise which makes browsing easier. Also, you can compare the same against other devices from the same generation & category easily.

Genuine Product Description

Even the best online stores can easily make errors in product descriptions as they’ve selling so many OEM products. But, on OEM websites, you will always get pinpoint details about each component. Plus, they will provide a lot of other useful information like buying advice, how-to videos, etc. So, if you want to know exactly what you are investing money for, OEM portals are the best.

Peace of Mind

With an extended warranty, assurance of genuine parts, on-site service, and sound after-sales services, you can always work with peace of mind. In case you need it, your solution is just a phone call away. Leading OEM brands like HP do offer an international warranty on their products, so you can work remotely in peace from anywhere in the world.

Offers & Add-on Services

Leading OEM brands offer instant cashback on various credit cards and feature no-cost EMI schemes. As Add-on services are paid for Antivirus applications, high-value exchange bonuses are some of the other features.

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