Are Gaming Laptops Suitable for Developers?

Are Gaming Laptops Suitable for Developers?

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We all know that gaming laptops are powerful machines having far more compute capability than average laptops. They come with a dedicated GPU, powerful CPU and massive amount of RAM, which turns them into a beast to handle hardware intensive tasks. This should ideally make them a great choice for software development right? While that’s the popular thought, but the truth is otherwise. Ideally, if you’re a programmer, you should consider a professional laptop. Let’s understand this better.

These Programmers Could Consider Gaming Laptops

Let’s start with who could consider a gaming laptop for programming. Students who’re studying programming could consider going for a fancy gaming machine. It will give them something to show off while serving their purpose of software development. Students tend to use their machines for both entertainment and serious work, so gaming laptops can serve the purpose while they’re studying. Nowadays, a lot of students are also learning AI & ML. They could also use a gaming laptop because of their GPU power. It’s a basic requirement of running ML applications.

Another category of programmers who could use a gaming laptop are game developers. They need the right device to be able to test their gaming code on. It will give them a real-world view of how their code performs.

These Programmers Should Not Consider Gaming Laptops

Not all programmers require the additional power of GPU, so much RAM, CPU, etc. that’s offered by gaming laptops. They can work on laptops with average specs, so they don’t need to spend extra on a gaming laptop. For instance, an ordinary laptop with at least an Intel Core i5 CPU, 8 GB RAM, and SSD will be fine for running most programming software.

Programmers working in an office environment may also find gaming laptops a little intimidating due to their loud design. They may feel apprehensive about carrying a laptop with loud fans and fancy LED lights into a meeting.

Looks aren’t the only thing to consider. If it’s a Windows based laptop, then you might be better off going with a laptop running Windows Professional edition instead of Home edition to the workplace. Moreover, many business laptops provide many other features that make them more suitable to run in business environments. HP laptops for instance, come with a lot of security features to keep the laptop safe from both known and unknown threats. They even come with better mics, speakers, and webcams that make them more suitable for doing video conferencing. They also come with better connectivity options like the latest WiFi 6 and USB standards.

Other Reasons to Avoid Gaming Laptops for Programming

High on power consumption, low battery life – Gaming laptops consume a lot of power as they’re developed to handle graphics-intensive games. The CPU also operates on higher TDP to boost its clock speed during gaming and other tasks. This results in higher power consumption and lesser battery life.

Due to other components, a gaming machine is usually packed with a smaller battery pack. So you get less battery life while running it for games or other tasks, as it draws a lot of power to maintain its performance.

For a programmer, 8 or higher hours of battery life is ideal, especially while they are travelling.

Heavyweight – Who likes to carry a bulky and heavyweight laptop in their bag? Because of the design and components, gaming machines are bulky and heavy that causes a lot of inconvenience. You won’t be able to keep them on your lap in the long run. Thus, it’s better to get a portable and lightweight laptop.

More Heat and Noise – Due to higher TDP and GPU operation, gaming laptops not only consume more power, but also produce more heat and noise. So much so that you may not be able to keep them in your lap while working.

Minimal Security Features – What if a malware attacks your PC and you lose everything? Surely you won’t like to risk your data and the long downtime. Gaming laptops usually don’t ship with security features while business laptops come with multi-layered security protection. The commercial-grade security and privacy features protect your PC from any external attacks. Plus, they also include BIOS and boot up recovery enabling your PC to recover itself and be available to you, without any downtime or technical help.


A gaming machine can handle a developer’s computing requirements, but it won’t be a perfect choice as it’s bulky, power-hungry, produces heat and noise and has no added security. On the other hand, a business notebook like the HP ProBook has everything. It’s compact, lightweight, silent, cool and packed with multi-layered security protection. With HP Wolf Pro Security Edition PCs for instance, you get addental security benefits like HP Sure Click Pro and HP Sure Sense Pro for more in-depth security coverage.

Depending upon your programming requirements you can choose a laptop packed with a higher CPU and RAM combination. The HP ProBook range starts at INR 50k and is available in different screen sizes, 13.3 to 15.6 inches. You can get a backlit keyboard to work even in dark without worrying about the battery life, and fast charging capability, 50% in 30 min.

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