Why Convertible Notebooks are Better Than Tablets for College Life

Why Convertible Notebooks are Better Than Tablets for College Life

by October 30, 2020 2 comments

Life of a college student is very versatile, comprising of a mix of serious work, play, and a demonstration of creativity. That’s why an equally versatile device matches their lifestyle. The choice is mostly between tablets and convertible notebooks. A convertible notebook PC is used either as a laptop or as a tablet and gives college students the best of both worlds. However, a convertible is slightly heavier than a standalone tablet. Students don’t like to lug around too much weight with them and would like to use a device that they can quickly pull out and start using. A tablet works perfectly for them in this situation. However, tablets have their own limitations. So, the big question on every student’s mind is whether to go for convertible notebooks or a regular tablet when they’re about to go to college.

You should consider multiple factors before deciding the right device. Here are the notable ones:

Operating System:

Here you have three choices Windows, Android, or iPadOS. Android is more suitable for smartphones and tablets, which are all touch screen. You’ll not really find any laptops running on android. Most convertible PCs run on Microsoft Windows and are much more stable than Android operating system found in most tablets. The user interface of a computer is much easier to understand and operate and not to mention the Windows precision gestures and commands that come with it. Plus, tablets and smartphones are more of content consumption devices. They’re not meant for content creation. A convertible on the other hand will serve both purposes.


The convertible PCs available in the market come with a lot of connectivity options with the latest Wi-Fi and Bluetooth drivers along with HDMI ports, multiple USB ports, LAN, MicroSD reader, etc. These options help you to connect your device to other devices. Take the HP Pavilion X360 for instance. It’s a convertible with all these ports, along with sensors like accelerometer, Gyroscope, and eCompass. Plus, it has WiFi 6 and Bluetooth.

Program Availability:

An ample number of software are available for PCs but are not available for tablets. Not to mention, the programs for PC are well optimized and come with a lot more features and options. Programs like Adobe After Effects and Illustrator are not available for tablets and if you want these programs to work, then the best option would be to go for a convertible PC.


Storage is something that a creator always needs to store the files and ideas. Convertible PCs come with storage options up to 1 TB and there are still options to expand further.

In conclusion, it can be said that a convertible PC comes with a lot of features and options that are not readily available in a Tablet. They’re versatile enough to match a college student’s lifestyle, and therefore highly recommended over tablets.

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    Convertible Note Book is surely the future for all tech savvy college students.

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