How Gaming Laptops will Evolve in the Future?

How Gaming Laptops will Evolve in the Future?

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In the past couple of years, we have seen multiple innovations in computing technology. Not only CPU and GPU, but SSDs and cooling systems have also evolved, improving the overall gaming performance. Now Intel, AMD and NVidia are coming up with even more premium quality products, enabling manufacturers to create sleek and portable gaming machines.

Though the tech world is currently suffering from supply chain issues and chip shortages, gaming laptops will see improvements in 2022. Regardless of incremental improvements or radical ones, we will witness advances in technology.

Better screens with higher resolution and refresh rate

Most laptops are still equipped with full HD screens having 1920 x 1080 resolution, while with the latest laptop GPUs, you will need a better display. I think 1440p would become the minimum standard in 2022 and we would see more 4K and OLED options

With higher resolution, higher refresh rates are essential for getting the most out of the latest gaming hardware. There are screens with 120 Hz refresh rates and higher, but soon 144 Hz will become standard in 2022, or even higher for high-end beasts.

DDR5 memory

Currently, DDR4 is standard with all laptops, but the industry is gearing up for DDR5 RAM. The next-gen memory will enable several things. Obviously, with DDR5 games will run better, plus it would reduce power consumption enabling gamers to play for longer. Hope manufacturers will soon launch gaming devices with DDR5 and it will become more prevalent.

Longer battery life

We all know that high-performance gaming rigs consume more power, resulting in shorter battery life. Though manufacturers have improved battery life a lot and nowadays, we see gaming machines offering battery life of up to 9 hours. Still, we see gaming laptops always plugged into mains while running. I expect to see more powerful batteries with longer life in 2022, so the laptops should be less dependent on external power supplies and can become a true portable gaming beast. DDR5 RAM and TMSC’s 5nm chips will help reduce power consumption and increase battery life.

Cooling system

Gaming devices produce an excessive amount of heat, thus they need a powerful cooling system. Manufacturers like HP have introduced 3-sided venting and 5-way airflow to keep devices cool even when the device is under heavy gaming pressure. OMEN Tempest Cooling Technology prevents overheating and enables gamers to keep playing for longer hours.

Portability and upgradability

With Intel’s 11th gen CPU, we witnessed portable devices and with upcoming 12th Gen Intel CPUs, manufactures would be able to design sleeker and lighter laptops than ever. But the biggest evolution I would expect – upgradable devices. As we all know that in a very few months new components come to the market and your new gaming laptop become a relic. The only solution to this problem is to upgrade the rig apart from purchasing a new laptop as that can get wildly expensive.

Though we can upgrade our storage and RAM capabilities, in future if manufacturers can design upgrade-friendly machines. I expect upgradable laptops would become the standard by 2023.


Despite the ongoing supply chain issues and chip shortages, I think 2022 holds promise for gaming laptops. We’re going to see sleek and lightweight devices with a screen capable of delivering higher resolutions and refresh rates. For instance HP Omen gaming laptops are equipped with 144 Hz, IPS display delivering 7 ms response time, 300 nits brightness and 100% sRGB. The gaming machine comes with OMEN Tempest Cooling Technology with 3-sided venting and 5-way airflow. It also has an OMEN Gaming Hub that lets gamer customise the gaming experience through the software and control hardware and live services. Packed with latest generation hardware, this thin and light gaming beast includes sustainable and recycled materials.

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