How to Choose the Right Gaming Laptop in 2022

How to Choose the Right Gaming Laptop in 2022

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If you’re planning to buy a gaming PC, then you should also explore gaming laptops in 2022, as they’ve evolved considerably over time. A gaming laptop not only lets you game anywhere but also enables you with mighty computing power to be able to do many other tasks. In 2022, there will be more gaming laptops available than ever. With a powerful CPU and dedicated GPU, a gaming laptop is a perfect device to take your whole virtual world remote with you.

Buying a gaming laptop can be expensive so it’s important to determine the configuration you need so that you don’t end up over or under spending on one.

Why Gaming Laptop over a Gaming PC this Year?

Gaming laptops are a better option over gaming PCs this year due to the price hike in Silicon. Due to Silicon shortages worldwide, desktop components have become more expensive. Moreover, the rise of cryptocurrency miners made GPUs super expensive. So, if you are looking for a gaming PC with a decent budget, you must check out the laptops within the same range. In 2022 for sure, you are going to spot better configurations in a laptop than desktop within the same price.

No matter how enthusiastic a gamer you are or how you want to use a gaming laptop for professional and entertainment needs, there are plenty of options available from brands like HP.

Who Needs a Gaming Laptop?

Nowadays, gaming laptops are not only meant for gamers but many others users. Here are some of them:

  • Gaming enthusiasts are of course the prime buyers of gaming laptops.
  • A college student might choose a gaming laptop to satisfy both academic and entertainment needs.
  • Coding learners can choose gaming laptops to work with machine learning or indie-game development projects.
  • For mobile crypto-miners, gaming laptops are a great choice.
  • Youtubers and Social media personalities can lass their video editors with gaming laptops so that they work seamlessly anywhere anytime.
  • Streamers is another popular segment that can benefit from gaming laptops.
  • Anyone looking for a gaming desktop finds it challenging to match the budget in the currently inflated market.

Which Gaming Laptop is right for you?

It really helps if you plan out the configuration and other key features you need in your gaming laptop beforehand as it helps you choose the right device quickly. Let’s understand it in more detail.


GPU is an essential component of a gaming laptop, but a powerful GPU without a decent CPU will lead you nowhere. You must not cheap out on CPU while buying a laptop as it is not replaceable later. So, the longevity of a laptop is defined by the longevity and stable performance of your CPU. While talking about laptops for gaming, you must go for the latest gen Ryzen 5 CPUs or 11th Gen Intel i7 CPUs. Ryzen 7 or Intel Core i7 are recommended for enthusiast gamers and AAA title players. If you are looking for gaming laptops to arm your digital artist employees, then going with high-end CPUs like Ryzen 7 or Core i7 is recommended.


GPU is the soul of any gaming laptop. GPU defines gaming laptops and separates them from professional ones. Though GPU has multi-dimensional usage these days. A GPU is needed whether you are working with machine learning or video editing. For crypto-miners, the GPU is a tool to earn money. Digital arts, augmented reality development, advanced usage of blockchain app development needs a decent CPU-GPU combination to work smoothly. Choose GPU as per your budget and needs. For enthusiast gamers, Nvidia RTX 3050 or higher are great options. You can explore the GTX 1650 and GTX 1660 GPUs from Nvidia for entry-level budgets. Going for at least 4GB VRAM or more is a must in 2022.


With a decent GPU and CPU having high-performance memory is a must so that your laptop can process large files with ease. Lots of games use huge paging files, and without 8GB or more RAM, your laptop will not be able to handle them. I would recommend going for the 16GB RAM while browsing for a gaming laptop. You can always upgrade your RAM later, unlike CPU and GPU.


One of the most significant drawbacks of any gaming laptop is its battery performance. Due to the RGB LED keyboard, high-end CPUs that draw more power, and GPUs that drain battery 2x faster, gaming laptop batteries typically provide less than 3 hours of backup. With such inferior battery backup, a gaming laptop is useless if it is out of power. There are only a few gaming laptops in the market which give 5+ hours of unplugged gaming experience. HP Pavilion 15-dk2096TX is a fine example of such a gaming laptop. Investing in a better battery is as important as investing in the right CPU & GPU.


For increased file transfer & booting speed, improved battery backup and reduced weight, SSD is a better choice over conventional HDD. So, either for a gaming laptop or a professional one, always go for laptops that feature SSD over HDD.

Cooling Capabilities

Gaming laptops tend to overheat quickly due to CPU and GPU heat production while under stress. A good gaming laptop must be equipped with multiple silent fans to dissipate the heat swiftly and silently. A laptop with noisy fans should not be your choice. HP Pavilion laptops are often enriched with silent cooling features.


A decent display can lead you to win in video games. For road warriors, a display with 1080p resolution is not enough. The display must be bright enough to be used easily, even when exposed to bright outdoor daylight. A laptop must contain a 300 nits display for gaming and professional usage outdoors. For gamers choosing a display with a 144Hz frequency will increase the gaming experience distinctively.

Audio Quality

The audio output quality is crucial for your gaming sessions and Zoom calls. HD quality Audio output lets you understand what the other persons are saying to avoid miscommunication and help you detect the mildest sounds in-game. Gaming laptops from renowned brands like HP and MSI often feature a great set of speakers which produces excellent sound quality, but outdoor speakers are useless. So, you have to rely on your 3.5mm audio jack if you want to become a true road warrior.


Gaming laptops have undergone considerable development. Nowadays, you can use them for more than gaming.  

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