How to Select the Right Device for Cryptocurrency Mining

How to Select the Right Device for Cryptocurrency Mining

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Crypto currency mining is a process for verifying crypto-currency transactions as they’re added into a Blockchain ledger. Those into Bitcoin mining can expect to get some bitcoins in return, which is the main motivation behind doing the activity as Bitcoins have become very expensive. However, the process is very compute intensive, and requires high-performance hardware that can run 24/7. Laptops aren’t the best choice for the job. You’d be better off buying either a PC or a dedicated hardware for the job. Here’s why.

Why Not Laptops for Crypto-Mining?

There are two mining processes – a number-crunching process that helps create cryptocurrency coins and verifying the cryptocurrency information shared to the public ledger. To process them, your GPU takes all the load. The laptop’s GPU isn’t the same as the one in a desktop. It’s not designed to handle such a workload, meaning it doesn’t have enough power. Even CPU-GPU used together won’t deliver the required power.

Crypto-mining fires up the GPU and consumes all system resources to their fullest. It’s a 24/7 process that generates an immense amount of heat. This could easily damage components if they’re not powerful enough unless you have powerful cooling inside. While laptops have become much more powerful over the years, they’re still not the ideal choice for mining crypto-currency. In fact, they have become more compact over the years, due to which there isn’t enough space inside for proper airflow. The fans would just not be able to vent out all the heat to keep the components inside cool.

Why you Need Desktops for the Job?

As we just said that crypto mining is a 24/7 job where GPU plays an important role. As desktop PCs have plenty of space inside, especially mid-tower and full-tower ones, it gives components ample space to breathe and enhance the cooling capability.

Moreover, you can install powerful and active cooling system inside to dissipate the heat. Desktop PC GPUs for instance come with powerful cooling systems – Fan and Liquid cooling, while laptop GPUs only depend on small fan vents to keep them cool. While these are sufficient for the job they’re meant for, they’re not designed to handle the kind of heat mining puts out. It can not only damage the GPU in long run but also wear out the tiny fans. Another important factor you need to keep in mind is that the laptop batteries can’t handle the heat, and with mining, the battery can also wear out.


A professional crypto miner should use a GPU Mining Rig equipped with a top-notch graphics card along with an Intel Core i5 or i7 CPU that fits in your budget. Pack your desktop with 16 GB or higher RAM and 1 TB of SSD. Do remember you need a powerful cooling system for the Rig and a continuous power supply. One of the best PC options would be the HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop equipped with the latest Intel and AMD processors and NVIDIA Quadro GPU.

Another point to keep in mind is how much you’re investing vs how much you’re getting in return. If you know the job and can secure sufficient new bitcoins, then it can help get the return on the money you’re likely to spend in buying the powerful system.

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