Laptop Buying Tips for Graphics Designing and Video Editing

Laptop Buying Tips for Graphics Designing and Video Editing

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In today’s day and age where most tasks happen on the go, laptops are in heavy demand even in professions such as Graphics Designing and Video Editing, which were earlier dependent mostly on desktop workstations. Laptops have also become very powerful and can even match the desktop performance in some cases while managing to be available in a small and compact form factor with lighter weight.

Today, there are so many laptops available in the market for Graphics Designing and Video Editing that choosing the right one can be very confusing. Here are some important factors to keep in mind if you’re planning to get one for the job.

Design and Form Factor

If you carry a laptop around all the time, you need to make sure that it isn’t taking a toll on you physically by being exceptionally heavy because of all the power its hardware can deliver. One of the major reasons why gaming laptops are not suitable for productivity work is that they weigh a lot and sometimes might even be heavier than your whole backpack. Plus, they look very flashy with all the RGB and colour themes they come in. A professional-grade laptop is sleeker, has a simpler and more professional design and is easy to carry around without compromising on the power. Take for instance the ZBook line-up of mobile workstation-class laptops by HP. The design is for professionals who need a powerful machine on the go. The wide range of laptops in this line-up comes with a sleek design and weigh much lesser than some other options.

Screen and Display for Graphics Designing and Video Editing

When working with graphics designing and video editing, colour accuracy becomes a very important factor. A laptop that can produce accurate colours and comes with good hardware with certifications is always essential for professionals. Working professionals spend most of their day looking at the screen. They need a screen that can reduce the strain and the fatigue on their eyes. Take for instance the ZBook series of mobile workstation-class laptops by HP. These laptops have certified displays for accurate colours and cause less fatigue and strain to the eyes. The displays can also go up to 4K UHD on a 15.6-inch screen. The displays look dynamic and enhance the working experience of any individual. Moreover, the hardware certification is received from ISVs such as Adobe, Autodesk, SolidWorks, etc. to run their software. This ensures that the device is more reliable and will not fail you.

Graphical Power for Graphics Designing and Video Editing

Graphic designing and video editing are graphics-intensive tasks and require a solid graphics processing unit. Ordinary laptops with onboard graphics can not handle the graphics-intensive work. Here again, something like the ZBook laptops by HP can be a great fit. They come with Nvidia RTX or Quadro GPUs that can handle any task efficiently without lag. The Quadro GPUs unlike others are productivity GPUs for work and not just for gaming. If the ZBook is beyond your budget, then you’ll also find more economical options. Just make sure that you go for something with a discrete graphics card and at least 16 GB RAM. Plus, go with a device that provides a Full-HD screen for excellent image clarity

In conclusion, it can be said that professional work requires a professional work station and it is very important to know your nature of work and requirements before investing a laptop that might be unable to perform the way you want.

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