Work and Play Need Different Spaces: Here’s How Productivity and Gaming Laptops Differ

Work and Play Need Different Spaces: Here’s How Productivity and Gaming Laptops Differ

by December 15, 2020 4 comments

Many professionals looking for powerful laptops to handle heavy workloads are made to believe that a gaming laptop with its high-performance consumer-grade CPU and GPU is more than enough for running software suites such as AutoDesk or Adobe Creative Cloud. That is simply not the case. It is true that gaming laptops such as the HP Omen series offer a huge bump in gaming performance when compared to other laptops that may not have the same specifications while offering better thermal performance during gaming but that is exactly where the problem lies. There are some striking differences between productivity and gaming laptops.

Gaming laptops give the best possible performance during gaming. The optimization is for games and not for professional design tools such as CAD or Catia like a mobile workstation. That does not mean a gaming laptop can’t run these applications. However, the end-user experience will not be ideal. And all of this comes down to the philosophy behind both systems.

Why Gaming Laptops? 

Gaming Laptops have the best components that are available for the consumer market. The important distinction here is the term consumer. When OEMs make different laptops for different segments, they make sure to cover each market segment. Take the laptops that HP makes. They have gaming laptops, business laptops, thin and light laptops, and mobile workstations. Each targets a different user base and usage scenarios. Normally, one would not expect a thin and light laptop to run AAA gaming titles at high or even medium settings at any decent FPS. The same is true for running programs like Catia or CAD (or any program relevant for other industries) that require professional-grade GPUs and CPUs on a gaming laptop. You might face driver-related glitches.

Why Workstation Class Laptops?

This is where mobile workstations come in. The design and purpose of Mobile workstations is targeted towards intensive multi-tasking, requiring a tremendous amount of memory. These machines are solely for professionals who need a huge amount of processing power. In fact, mobile workstations like the Zbook series from HP are made to run certain specific programs. Programs that creative professionals, architects, engineers, or data scientists use on a daily basis. Another important aspect of mobile workstations is that they come with best in class components in the industry and offer top of the line security features that are necessary for any professional. So you can get a specific mobile workstation that has certifications for running your specific program like Unity Engine or Catia from OEMs like HP. And driver compatibility is not going to be an issue with Mobile workstations since they actually serve the purpose of running professional workloads.

Plus, mobile workstation class laptops are meant for professionals, so they have Full HD screens that provide much higher clarity. They also will have better security features to ensure that all the data you are working on is safe.

Can Mobile Workstations Game

Now coming to the question that may not be the most important one but is frequently asked. Can you game on a Mobile Workstation? The short answer is yes. Mobile workstations are at the end of the day machines that can run intense workloads. It will put many gaming desktops with SLI to shame but there is a catch. You will need to find certain drivers for running some specific game but a mobile workstation can run any game that a gaming laptop can. 

So if you are looking to get a powerful laptop that can actually handle your workload then I would highly suggest taking a look at HP Zbook mobile workstations. These are certified by different professional suites to run their program flawlessly and strike a good balance between productivity and gaming laptops.

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