Productivity vs Efficiency: Here’s How Mobile and Desktop Workstations Fare

Productivity vs Efficiency: Here’s How Mobile and Desktop Workstations Fare

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Desktop PCs have dominated the conversation when it comes to offering the highest performance possible and that holds true even today. Depending on how you configure your desktop, it can handle any major AAA game at 1080p over 60FPS with ease or it can blow through Catia and CAD workloads with ease but that does come at a sacrifice of portability. You can’t carry your desktop every day from one place to another or even from one room to another easily. Add to that the fact that with a desktop you will need a separate monitor, keyboard, mouse, and other accessories that go with it and it does not stop there. Desktops take a ton of space in a room and for many working professionals, all of these aspects associated with desktops are a luxury.

Why Mobile Workstations?

This is where mobile workstations enter the conversation. They combine the best of both worlds within their chassis. These are neither your usual laptop nor desktop. Instead, mobile workstations are a middle ground. They are laptops that can handle heavy professional workloads without breaking a sweat and offer portability associated with laptops. Many working professionals need a powerful laptop that can run programs like Catia, CAD, Solidworks, etc. with ease and to them, mobile workstations are the answer.

That is not to say that a Desktop workstation won’t be able to beat a mobile workstation. They’re obviously much more powerful than mobile workstations, and their benchmark scores are much better. However, they can’t be carried around to say a client to show a demo. The ability to have a powerful computer with you anywhere you want is a huge draw for many professionals and it’s easy to understand why. Another huge draw of mobile workstations is that they come out of the box with almost everything a user may need and with a host of connectivity features that are not easily available on desktops.

Customization in Mobile Workstations

Even beyond that, certain OEMs like HP have their own mobile workstation lineup that are divided not just by raw specifications, but also by usage, industry all the way down to programs. That means if you are using Catia then you can get a Zbook that is certified for running Catia and if someone wants the same laptop for running Unity, they can get the same machine tuned differently for running Unity. That means each mobile workstation is made for a specific type of task that a user will be performing. That is a level of tuning and customization that you can only find on mobile workstations.

If you are in the market for a mobile workstation, I would highly suggest taking a look at Zbook mobile workstations by HP. They offer a huge lineup that is divided by industry, usage, fields, programs, etc.

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