Top Ideas to Setup an Effective Home Office Setup

Top Ideas to Setup an Effective Home Office Setup

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Hybrid working has become an accepted practice among a lot of organizations today. The workforce has also become quite used to the new style of working. They understand that they must remain highly productive if they want to continue working from home. As a result, they must ensure that they have a suitable home office setup to work with maximum productivity. Here are some really good ideas on the must haves for a home office setup.

A Comfortable Desk and Chair

You can’t sit for long hours on your bed or sofa. You must have a proper desk and chair that offers you comfort to enable you to work for long hours. Remember you are going to work for at least 8 hours a day, so you need a good desk that fits your height and an ergonomic chair that supports your back.

Fast and Stable Internet Connectivity

In today’s digital world, technology has eased our lives, all thanks to the Internet. That’s why you can’t ignore having a good broadband connection with super-fast and stable connectivity. Depending on your nature of work, you can choose 50 Mbps or higher. If you attend video meetings, then you should also consider the latency or response time of the network. Any latency below 100 milliseconds (ms) is considered good, and below 50 ms is very good. So do not cut the budget on a speedy connection. Make sure you have the best speed possible, and that the router is near your desk. Make sure you have a power backup for your WiFi router so that you don’t lose your Internet connectivity whenever there’s a power cut.

A Workspace with Natural Light

If possible, set up your workspace next to a window so that you are working in natural light. This is great for the eyes and overall well-being. Having sunlight in your workspace can boost your mood and keep you motivated all day. According to studies, people who work in natural daylight experience fewer eye related issues. If somehow that’s not possible, then arrange for ample lighting on your workspace. If your laptop screen has blue light protection, then great, else try to get a blue light protection screen guard for your laptop’s display. This can really help in keeping your eyes safe from blue light, which is otherwise harmful and impacts eyes, brain, and your sleep patterns.

The Right PC/laptop

To work efficiently, you need the right PC/laptop that matches your nature of work. A business professional needs a business laptop, while a creative professional should opt for a mobile workstation class device.

If you like a bigger screen to work on, then choose a PC instead of laptop. If you’re into sales and therefore need to keep visiting your clients’ office directly from your home, then it’s better to buy a lightweight business device, possibly with a touchscreen so that you can configure it in the mode that suits the nature of your meeting.

While working in hybrid mode, you’ll also be attending a lot of virtual meetings. Therefore, you must go for a laptop with a good webcam, a noise reduction microphone, and really good speakers. These will make your online collaboration a very pleasant experience. Security is absolutely essential when a business professional is working from home because they’re not behind the safe confines of their office firewall. Therefore, you must give serious consideration to the level of security features in you mobile device.

Lastly, besides the configuration and features, service and support are also important. Go for an OEM who offers the best terms and conditions on their products’ warranty. Vendors like HP for instance, offer 3 years warranty on their business machines, which even covers the battery and power adapter. These are usually not covered for more than 6 months by most other OEMs.

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