Top 5 Security Features to Consider in Laptops

Top 5 Security Features to Consider in Laptops

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In this ever-growing digital world, the number of cyber security attacks and data thefts is increasing exponentially. So not only do you need secure servers and networks, but also your personal computing device, like a laptop. This makes it necessary to consider security features when you’re planning to buy a laptop, whether for personal or business use. Here are the key ones to watch out for.

BIOS protection

Nowadays, malware attacks your BIOS, which can destroy the machine and make it completely useless. The attacker could even get unlimited control of your PC, steal your data, or inject ransomware in it. Ant-virus software is not capable of monitoring firmware attacks, so detecting malware hiding in PC BIOS can be impossible. A laptop having self-healing BIOS would be able to automatically identify any unauthorised changes to the BIOS and fix it, protecting the PC against attacks.

Protection from Untrusted Websites

While browsing the net, unsuspecting users can’t figure out whether a website has hidden malware in it. Public WiFi networks would be even more dangerous, so you need a laptop that can warn you about untrusted networks or files with hidden malware. The machine will isolate untrusted websites and files in a virtual container. When you close the browser or file, it will automatically remove the malware.

Smart Malware Detection

According to a report published on DataProt, 560,000 new malware are detected every day and there are over 1 billion malware programs. Traditional antivirus can’t always recognize new attacks. You need a laptop that has a smart sense of malware. Some laptops have tools that utilise deep learning algorithms and advanced neural network technology to recognise malware and protect you from attacks.

Recovery from Crashes

If your laptop gets infected by malware, you might end up wasting a lot of time to recover it. A laptop with a built-in recovery feature can save both your data and time. Look for a built-in recovery feature in your laptop, as it will avoid the need to reinstall a new copy of the operating system in case it crashes. This will automatically recover your laptop thereby minimizing downtime.

Safety from Prying eyes

While working in a public place, anyone can see your screen while peering over your shoulder or from the sides. They could steal a piece of information resulting in a data breach. You can block these prying eyes and keep your sensitive data secure. Get a laptop with a privacy screen feature that renders the screen unreadable to others from the side. The privacy screen reduces the screen visibility up to 95 per cent when viewed from the side.


It’s not just the specs you should consider while buying a laptop. Security has become paramount, and some of the features we just discussed can really help keep your device secure. HP business machines, for instance, are packed with powerful security features. For instance, HP EliteBook 840 G8 Notebook PC is packed with most of the security features we discussed above. These are branded as HP Secure Erase, HP DriveLock and Automatic DriveLock, Preboot authentication, TPM 2.0 embedded security chip, and more.

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