Transform Your Ordinary PC into a Powerful Workstation

Transform Your Ordinary PC into a Powerful Workstation

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In 2022, being led by data-driven strategies is the most effective way to cut through competition and enrich your business goals. That’s why most organizations are hiring data scientists and building data science teams and empowering them with the right tools and hardware workstations. Unfortunately, due to high cost of Workstations PCs, not everyone in the team can be given one.  However, there is a solution called HP ZCentral Remote Boost. This enables users to remotely harness the power of a Z Workstation from an ordinary PC or tablet.

Why It is a Considerable Choice?

HP ZCentral gives users the same power of working on a local Z Workstation even though they’re using an ordinary laptop, desktop, or tablet. The software has features that lets you customize, scale, and even grant the flexibility of the OS and tools you need for your data science projects. So basically, while your Z Workstation is running in office, users can harness its power from anywhere and using any ordinary device like a PC, tablet, or laptop. A few features of the ZCentral Remote Boost software are:

WACOM Support: It’s compatible with Wacom displays and tablet devices, which enables creative professionals with pen input for digital workflows.

Adaptive Resolution: users and those they remotely collaborate with can dynamically resize the content to match the Resolution of the device they’re working on or match it to the centralized hardware they’re tapping into.

Multi-display Support: ZCentral Remote Boost supports 4K⁴ and multi-display setups, so your users can have the flexibility to work from almost any end-point device.

Hardware Graphics Acceleration: Achieve optimal performance, even with low network bandwidth. With Advanced Video Compression (AVC), the pixels being sent over the network are compressed to improve your frame rate.

Operating Systems: The  software is compatible with most desktop operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, and Linux. There’s no need to install extra drivers or app updates for supported operating systems.

Software Stack: You don’t need additional infrastructure costs to start working and collaborating remotely. ZCentral Remote Boost is free on all Z devices.

Remote USB: With local control and access, you can virtually attach or block a USB device to a remote system.

HP Velocity: Break free of your network limitations with HP Velocity. The software improves interactivity in wide area networks and increases network traffic tolerance even over poor connections.

How to Use ZCentral Remote Boost

For small businesses, buying a Workstation Desktop might be a financially challenging, but investing in a workstation class laptop might be feasible. Therefore, a more feasible option would be to go for an HP ZBook Firefly 14 G9 Mobile Workstation PC to start with and use HP ZCentral Remote Boost application to scale your projects. All you need to purchase is HP Teradici Single Subscription after you have downloaded and configured the Receiver and Sender applications. With a single click, your device will be turned from a laptop to a full-fledged, potent data science workstation PC.


Though HP Z laptops are recommended, you can turn any tablet, laptop, or even a thin client into a powerful workstation PC using HP ZCentral. So whether you are at home or in office, you can work on graphics or compute-intensive projects from anywhere.

The solution is a cost-effective option for small businesses and freelancers. As a remote professional, being armed with workstation computation capability on the go is a considerable advantage to have. So, if you are looking for an alternative, cost-effective solution to the expensive Workstation PCs, this is the best choice.

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