What Students Need to Consider Before Buying a Laptop

What Students Need to Consider Before Buying a Laptop

by January 19, 2021 12 comments

In the post-pandemic scenario, it would not be wrong to state that a laptop will probably be the most essential component of a student’s life. Whether or not colleges and schools want to reopen and resume normal activities, students will henceforth always be given the choice to take classes online until absolute normalcy returns. In fact, the pandemic has essentially changed the way one looks at laptops. From being an extension of our learning routine, it has turned into the sole mean of learning.

Regardless of the current situation, investing in a good laptop can never be a futile exercise for pupils in schools and colleges. Every single aspect of the laptop – including eye-friendly display, battery life, durability and an elaborate service network– now matter to successfully conclude our daily activities. Not only does a laptop undoubtedly support students in their education, but most of these devices can be upgraded and used to meet professional needs once they graduate.

Three Reasons Why Students Must Own a Laptop of Their Own

Online classes: This trend is now the established new normal. Online classes are expected to continue with several prestigious universities in India and abroad coming forward to launch new online degrees and diplomas that can be taken by students at their convenience and from the comfort of their homes. This situation is proving to be ideal for both students and universities as this requires only good Internet connectivity, and a laptop with excellent battery back-up, RAM, and storage to help students take classes in a seamless manner online. Plus, it helps them store their study material without slowing the laptop down due to space issues.

Gaming: Daunting prolonged hours of online studies can undoubtedly take a toll on students. Therefore, a bit of gaming in their free time can help students unwind. So it would be perfect for students to own laptops that can support gaming along with online classes as gaming if indulged into in a balanced manner, can actually have positive effects on adolescents’ behaviour and development. Gaming is also capable of improving visuospatial cognition, increasing helpful behaviour, and even increasing physical fitness, according to a few studies. For gaming, laptops need to have a discrete graphics card or chip, good battery back-up and a high-resolution screen.

Entertainment: With the advent of affordable Internet and OTT platforms, one need not step out to watch movies or for entertainment. A superior laptop with a Full-HD display and speakers can offer a great viewing experience for students looking for entertainment in the limited time they have amidst studies.

Ideal Specs to Look for

To support the above needs, which are quite common in a student’s life, one should opt for a laptop with at least a 14” HD screen, an Intel Core i5 or higher CPU, and Windows. Plus one should opt for at least 4 GB RAM and a 1 TB HDD. Students who’re into coding or programming could also opt for an SSD for faster application load times.

Overall, students need to buy a laptop that’s durable and will last them not only through their course period but also beyond that. They shouldn’t have to hunt for a new laptop the moment they finish their education and are ready to go to work.

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    Online exam and classes and graphics or photoshop

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    My goal and passion is to become THE BEST SOFTWARE DEVELOPER but I can’t afford an laptop with my family financial crises and in this pandemic so plz can u accept my request and provide me a laptop plz.. 🥺😭

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