What to Look for in a Future-Proof Laptop?

What to Look for in a Future-Proof Laptop?

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Buying a decent laptop is always a significant, long-term investment. If you don’t think long-term while buying one, it will start giving performance issues very soon, forcing you to consider buying a new device sooner than required. To avoid that, it’s important to buy a laptop that’s as future-ready as possible. The challenge is that due to continuous technological advancements, it is slightly difficult to predict the configuration that will last you long enough. However, it’s not impossible. Here are our thoughts on what to look for in a decent laptop that will last you for at least 4-5 years.

Don’t Skimp on Specs

Many times, in order to save a little bit of money, people tend to choose a lower configuration than what they actually need. For instance, choosing an Intel Core i3 instead of i5 because it’s cheaper or going for 4 GB RAM instead of 8 just because it costs a few hundred bucks less. Or worse, opt for a 1 TB HDD instead of a 512 GB SSD because you’re getting more storage capacity at a lower price. Our suggestion is to try to be as crystal clear as possible with what you require before you venture out into the market to hunt for a laptop. Decide the specs you need according to that requirement and stick to them as much as possible. If you really want to be future-proof, and your pocket allows, then choose specs that are higher than what you’ve decided. Here’s a detailed drill down into choosing individual components:

  • Processor: Choose the CPU that meets your requirement and nothing lower than that. Make sure its clock speed is not less than 4.0 GHz. For best future proofing, go with 8+ cores and 16+ threads. If you need the best CPU for high-end work, then consider a 12th Gen Intel Core i9 or an AMD Ryzen 9 7000 Series CPU.
  • RAM: Nowadays, 16 GB RAM is recommended. You can choose something lower, but then be ready to upgrade it after 1 to 2 years. Technology-wise, go for DDR5 4800 MHz  RAM modules at least. If you can find DDR5 6400 MHz RAM, then that’s even better. 
  • Storage: For a future-proof laptop, go with Gen 4 (2×2) M.2 NVME SSD. Capacity-wise, 1 TB should be the bare minimum to last long enough. Don’t ever choose an HDD just because it’s cheaper and has a higher capacity. We’ve had cases where even new laptops with HDDs come down to a crawl within a few months of purchase.
  • Discrete Graphics: If you plan to use the laptop for gaming, video editing, AI/ML, DATA science, engineering designing, or other graphics-intensive tasks, look for a laptop with dedicated onboard graphics, like an NVIDIA RTX 30-series or 40-series (if launched) GPUs.

Build Quality is Crucial

A durable laptop is essential for long-term use. Look for one that is built with sturdy materials, has a spill-resistant keyboard, and scratch-resistant display, and has been tested for durability. For this, going with a full-body Aluminum chassis is the best idea. Look for test certifications while buying. MIL-STD-810H certification is a reliable measure to ensure a sturdy and robust build.

Opt for the Latest Connectivity Ports

Opting for the latest connectivity features is crucial for a future-proof laptop as you will not be able to upgrade any of them in the future. So choose Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.3, Thunderbolt 4.0, and USB 4.0 Type-C. Also, in 2023, you must opt for a 1080P 5 MP webcam, or else you will be stuck with inferior-quality video calling after a couple of years.

Don’t Underestimate Battery Quality

Look for a laptop with a long battery life of at least 8-10 hours, especially if you plan to use it on the go. Consider getting one with fast charging capabilities to minimize downtime. Above all, look for a laptop that comes with a battery pack containing 4+ cells and 60+ Wh capacity. The battery should come with 1000-life cycle certification, unlike the typical 300-life cycle ones. HP is one of the few brands that feature batteries with 1000-life cycles and also gives equal coverage to batteries under their warranty terms.

Keep an Eye on the Upgradability

No matter how capable your laptop is, having room for upgradability never hurts. This way your device will be scalable according to your increasing requirements. So, look for a laptop that has upgradeable components, like RAM and storage. This will allow you to upgrade the laptop’s performance and capacity over time.

Security Features Required

Using a laptop for many years would collect a lot of personal and professional data. So, the security of that device is a crucial point to consider. Basic security features of today will not be sufficient a few years down the line so opt for state-of-the-art security features to keep your laptop secure from upcoming cyber threats. For example, Biometric authentication, BIOS security, facial recognition, advanced drive encryption, virtualization, secure boot, automatic webcam shutter, and embedded GPS, are just a few security features to consider to future-proof your laptop.

Consider brand and warranty

Look for a laptop from a reputed brand that also provides an extended warranty and reliable customer service. A long warranty can give you peace of mind knowing that you can get the laptop repaired or replaced if something goes wrong. Opt for a laptop brand that has lots of service points everywhere that are easily reachable. In India, HP is a reliable choice for both professional and personal laptops.

Other FutureProof Features

Look for features that are likely to become standard in the future, such as USB-C charging, 2K or QHD display, touchscreen features, Anti-ghosting, backlit keyboard, mini HDMI 2.1, etc. Such features may not be required today, but they will become standard in a few years.

Ensure a Decent Budget

From the discussion above it can be said that future-proof laptops can be costly so, consider a decent budget before proceeding. Look for options like cash backs, festive offers, and no-cost EMI, so that you can get the best deal possible.

Some Future Proof Laptops of 2023

For Business users, I would recommend the newly launched HP Elite Dragonfly G3 Laptop. It’s powered by a 12th Gen i7 CPU, 32 GB LPDDR5-6400 MHz RAM, Intel Iris Xᵉ Graphics (4 GB) GPU, and 1 TB M.2 NVME SSD. This device weighs less than 1 Kg and is one of the lightest & thinnest business laptops out there. You will find almost all the future-proof features in this laptop that we discussed above.

For high-end software developers, AI/ML professionals, designers, and architects, the HP ZBook Power G9 Mobile Workstation laptop is the best option. Powered by the mighty 12th Gen Intel Core i9 CPU and 32 GB DDR5-4800 MHz RAM, this device features a dual GPU. The integrated SoC Intel Iris Xe (4 GB) and the dedicated NVIDIA RTX A2000 (8 GB GDDR6) GPU give a futuristic rendering capability to this laptop.

Check out the HP Online Store for the latest business laptops.

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