Can a Tablet Really Replace a Laptop?

Can a Tablet Really Replace a Laptop?

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There is no doubt that in the past couple of years, tablets have become more powerful, forcing one to think whether they can really act as a replacement for laptops. A quick answer to this is negative. You can’t replace one device with the other. Even though both can be used for some common tasks, but they’ve both been designed for different purposes. The broad reason for this is that tablets are content consumption devices while laptops are both for consumpation and content creation. Let’s drill into each device in more detail to understand their specialities.

Benefits of Tablets

Portability – Tablets are lightweight, portable and thin as compared to mostlaptops out there. Besides being more portable, they also run cooler than notebooks.

Touchscreen – As tablets have a touchscreen, you can quickly and easily access content with a single hand while holding the device with your other hand. In fact, there are applications and games that have been specifically designed for touchscreen functionality, meaning you can’t really access them from a laptop

Integrated Connectivity – Most high-end tables sport cellular connectivity, so you can be connected always. You can browse the Internet, interact on social media and do many other activities even if you’re far away from a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Battery life – A tablet can offer higher battery life as compared to a laptop. With a tablet, you can get more than 8 hours or up to 15 hours of battery life.

Where Laptops Help

Computing power – Whatever X amount you spend on your laptop, it will deliver amazing computing power for your daily productivity and even more. You can do multitasking, edit videos, browse the Internet, do video meetings and much more. The computing power you get with a laptop isn’t something that evenhigh-end tablets can match. Even after you spend out of your nose for a tablet, you won’t be able to process some of the tasks that require graphics intensive processing.

If you are a gaming enthusiast, then you can go for a gaming beast that can run AAA titles breezily. Even if you are using a business or home laptop and want to play some of light games, your PC will let you enjoy them. Also with Windows 11, you can play Android games on your laptop as well.

Large screen – As compared to a tablet, a laptop comes with a larger screen. Even the smallest of laptops will have a bigger screen than a tablet.

Additionally, if you are fond of touch screens, then you can get a laptop with touch capability. This enables you to play games that are fun to play with on a touch screen only. Yet you have a full-fledged keyboard to type your content, email and other stuff. Compared to a virtual on-screen keyboard, you can type faster on a physical keyboard.

Amazing storage capacity – Unlike tablets that usually have with up to 256 GB of internal storage, laptops come with huge storage capacity like 1 or even 2 TB.

Battery life and connectivity – When it comes to battery life, some laptops can offer up to day-long juice.

Earlier, laptops came with only WiFi or LAN connectivity. Today, you’ll find laptops with a SIM slot, meaning you can insert a SIM card and always be connected to the Internet.


A tablet can replace a laptop, but only with some use cases. For a professional who works on several projects, laptop is the only choice. Though tablets shine in some features, modern-day laptops like the HP Spectre x360 Convertible laptop come with a touch screen, day-long battery life, and 4G connectivity. Having a 360-degree hinge, you can convert these laptop into a tablet and interact using the touch screen. It has a full-fledged keyboard, so you can type fast and complete your tasks quickly. You get a large 13.5-inch screen, but despite that, the laptop weighs only around 1.37 kg, making it a portable and lightweight device to carry along anywhere.

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