Maintaining Your Ink Tank Printer for Maximum Output

Maintaining Your Ink Tank Printer for Maximum Output

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Ink tank printers are known for their high-volume printing capabilities and low cost per page. Ink Tank printers require more care than laser printers due to more internal moving components. Keep reading to learn some tips on how to maintain your ink tank printer for maximum output and a longer lifespan.

Keep the Printer Clean

Dust and dirt can accumulate inside the printer causing paper jams, smudging, and other issues. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove this dust. Most ink tank printers have built-in maintenance functions that you can use to clean the printhead and perform other maintenance tasks. Check your printer’s product manual for details.

Mind the Ink Quality

Low-quality ink can cause clogging, smudging, and other printing issues. Using genuine consumables is therefore highly recommended for your printer. If another brand is available, then make sure it’s approved by your printer OEM. Using fake or duplicate ink can cause irreparable damage to your printer.

Run the Device Regularly

If you don’t use your printer for a long time, then the ink inside could dry up and clog the printhead. In the case of ink tank printers, air might get caught inside the ink pipes, due to which the printer won’t print those colors. If that happens, then you need to call up your printer OEM for support. Otherwise, take a printout at least once a week. This ensures your printer will continue to be in good working condition.

Keep Your Device Cool & Dry

Heat and humidity can affect the quality of your prints and cause the ink to dry out faster. Keep your printer in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. If possible, keep it in an air-conditioned room.

Choose the Right Paper

This plays a major role in ensuring print quality. For instance, if you choose photo paper in the print options but use a standard A4 sheet, the printer will push extra ink on the paper, which in turn can make the paper excessively wet and ruin it. Therefore, choose paper with a lower GSM rating (60-80 GSM) for regular print-outs and a higher GSM for printing photos and certificates.

Opt for Monochrome Printing

If you don’t need color prints strictly, print in black & white. This can significantly reduce the amount of ink used, resulting in lower CPP and higher output. For example, let’s consider the HP Smart Tank 521 AiO printer. For this printer, a 70 ml Magenta-Cyan-yellow set costs 1971 INR and can print up to 8000 pages. But a 135 ml Black ink bottle costs only 723 INR and can print up to 6000 pages.

Opt For Authorized Service Centers

Regular printer maintenance is crucial for optimal performance, and daily printing is recommended to prevent ink drying, clogged printheads, and connectivity problems. While some HP Smart Tank printers have self-healing capabilities for connectivity issues, expert service may be necessary for others. Choosing a printer with an extended warranty can increase reliability and lifespan, but it is still important to opt for authorized service centers for trained personnel with knowledge of the specific model and make. HP Ink Tank printers have a large network of service centers, making it easy for HP printer users to find authorized support.

Pro Tips

  • Use Draft Mode: Printing in draft mode can reduce the amount of ink used, resulting in lower printing costs. This is especially useful for printing documents that don’t require high-quality output like bills, invoice copies, receipts, etc.
  • Use a Cost-effective Font: Certain fonts use less ink than others. Fonts such as Century Gothic, Times New Roman, and Calibri are known to be ink-efficient and can help reduce printing costs.

By following these tips, you can keep your ink tank printer in good shape and ensure that it continues to produce high-quality prints for years to come.

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